Testimonials from Owners (please post reply in this topic)

By request, a section devoted to testimonials from owners of Bushtracker vans.
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Thank you for that Richard,

It is pleasing to me that the Staff I hired and trained, continue to carry on with my ethic for Bushtracker... "In the Owners Best Interests" because it becomes our best interests to do so...

To date well over two hundred (lost count) have ordered new after trying second hand, and 144 Owners have ordered a SECOND new Bushtracker..

That kind of return business is our measure of success.. Bushtracker has many that copy us in style, but really none that compare with our level of quality and Service.

Kind regards, Steven Gibbs, Director
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Post by brutus »

Hi Steve,

Great words of wisdom sir. Also the owners who listened to your advice about the building of their Bushtracker and choice of tow vehicle. Some of these owners have kept, used, lived in & loved their BT's for ten to fifteen years or more. Many of these owners have returned to the factory and spent many thousands of dollars upgrading to the latest technology and features. In a throw away society this shows what a "life decision" the purchase of a Bushtracker can be. After driving out of a car wash in Wangaratta the other day a lady said to me: "What a beautiful caravan. Is it NEW!!!" Need I say more.

Kind regards,
Richard Driver
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Post by mgwatto »

We picked up our new 19' Bushtracker on Tuesday. It's now loaded up and we're on our shake-down trip. It looks great and tows great. The level of detail provided by Stacey during our familiarisation was fantastic. She listens to her customers and gave us a great level of confidence. When we pointed out a few minor issues she was quick to organise the boys to get them rectified. Thanks Stacey.
We are also impressed with the obvious quality control employed during the build, and even while our existing WDH was being modified. Old bolts in the WDH were replaced, nuts and threads marked, and the overall care and accuracy of the set-up was professionally executed.
The van wasn't quite finished when we arrived, so there were numerous workers coming in and out finalising bits and pieces whilst we were going though the handover. All of the workers we encountered were polite, pleasant and often humorous. Everyone contributed to an experience that instilled confidence in the brand. You've got a good team there Steve!
Graham and Carol
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Post by RobandFlip »

Having received our caravan back safe and sound and looking fantastic following expansive repairs, a service and a new motorised awning, I can only say many thanks to the crew at Bushtracker. Ryan is unflappable, professional, cares passionatley about the Bushtracker product, and above all, cares about his customer. Ryan and the team are exceptional assets to the Bushtracker brand and without doubt, will continue to deliver the best assistance to all Bushtracker owners. Merry Christmas and a happy New year to all.
Robyn and Phillip
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Ivor & Bernice
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As I write this I am sitting in a Qantas aircraft high above the Indian Ocean en route to Johannesburg South Africa.
Our adventure started early in 2017 when my wife and I decided to return to the caravanning way of travel after last having owned a caravan eighteen years ago. We wish to travel the vast back country roads of Southern Africa.
After discovering that there is no Off Road caravan manufactured in South Africa which could meet our needs of being as luxurious and spacious as the grandest on road caravan we realized that we would have to look further afield.
Neither the Americas nor Europe yielded much to look at so we widened our search to Australia.
I never imagined the vastness of the Australian caravan Industry. It took me a few months to work through all of the off road caravan manufacturers and by mid-year I had I had narrowed our search down to two manufacturers.
It was now time for a visit to the manufacturers to have an in depth look. After visiting the two factories the decision to purchase a Bushtracker was an easy one to make; it is clearly there to be seen.
Delivery was scheduled for mid-January and on our arrival at the factory we were thrilled to see our new 22’ caravan standing on the launch pad waiting for us.
We spent an intense day of orientation with Stacy learning how to use the various systems and then it was time to roll out of the factory and head off on a two week road trip to try out all the systems and to clock up the recommended 1000 km’s before returning to the factory for the first service.
We spent an awesome two weeks travelling during which time we got to know most of the onboard systems. We also met up with two other very satisfied Bushtracker owners in the Cania Gorge area.
Every person that we dealt with at Bushtracker was absolutely professional and well versed with their product;
Our initial contact was with Andrew Liddel who did a magnificent job in quickly helping us to streamline our search to exactly what we were looking for.
I had many telephone discussions with Matthew Kurvink before our initial visit and then we were handed over to Philip Wilson to complete the design and specifications.
Josh Gibbs was a great help in assisting with the international payments etc.
The team at Bushtracker were amazing, nothing was ever too much trouble and they always went the extra mile for us, it was an absolute pleasure dealing with Matthew and his team.
My impression is that although Bushtracker is one of many Australian caravan manufacturers they are most certainly at the top of the game in their sector of luxury TRUE off road caravans.
Well done to the entire team.
Our adventure continues as we now have to ship the caravan from Brisbane to South Africa.
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Post by peripatetic »


Picked up our 20’ van in July 17. Departed on our circumnavigation on Jan 18, currently in Maryborough QLD heading up to begin the Savannah way over the next few months.

During the sea trials prior to Jan we had our fair share of issues, cooker, fridge, washing machine, en-suite door, all failed, together with some other bits and pieces. Oh, and the awning that I damaged in a moment of forgetfulness.

Anyhows, annoying as these were, the spirit under which the fixes were undertaken, together with the thoroughness and quality of the BTi work, went a long way to easing the pain, and I would like to thank Stuey and his team for their contributions to that.

As somebody else said, issues are to be expected and its how they are dealt with that matters.

Ok, off to Maryborough market now.


Charles & Elizabeth
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Post by Bushtracker »

Mr. Bean wrote:

Good morning,
We have recently sold our Bushtracker after 8 years of travelling. Could you please cancel our forum membership.(Mr & Mrs Bean).

Please pass on our sincere thanks to the staff we have dealt with. They have provided excellent service whether in sales, servicing or repairs. We are moving on the the next stage of our lives (which is non caravan related) and will continue to espouse the virtues of Bushtracker at every opportunity.
With sincere thanks and appreciation.
Brian & Faye XXXXXXX
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Post by brutus »

Well here I go again. Thank you to Bushtracker, Steve & staff for the brilliant service I received when I visited the Factory on June 21 & 22. My van was in for service, a new electric awning & a solar panel upgrade. Special thanks to Stuart, Zak, Gordon, Tony & and anyone else who worked on the van. The quality of the work was exceptional. I really did feel that I received VIP treatment. My pride & pleasure in owning a Bushtracker only gets stronger as the years go by. Sixteen years this September.

Kind regards,

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SERVICE - 27 Feb 2020

Post by Judren »

Thanks Bushtracker to your great staff for looking after us once again. They consistently exceed expectations in providing timely support and advice regarding the well being of our Bushtracker. Not only is the service of the highest standard but it is delivered promptly in an agreeable manner. They make it a pleasure to visit your establishment.

Of particular note this service were Stewart and Ryan. They are a credit to your business and the industry overall. You are fortunate to have such fine staff.

Thank you. (Our second Bushtracker 2011 18ft)
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New Bushtracker, Fantastic Team Service

Post by BobNLyn »

Thankyou to the whole Bushtracker team for a wonderful job in producing our new 20 ft BT.

Having had our previous 18 ft BT for fifteen years, we knew exactly what we wanted and no request was too much trouble. All the team were excellent, but special thanks goes to Ryan, Tony and especially Sean (the man of many jobs while Stuart is away), who coped exceptionally well with my extra requests and our handover last Thursday while almost simultaneously coping with two extra clients due to the Corona Virus border closures. He was cheerful, and helpful to the last, even doing some cleaning in our van.

If we enjoy this van as much as the previous one, we will be very happy.

Lyn Hall
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Post by Bushtracker »

Hello Friends,
A Client wrote this to me:


Hi Steve,
I bought a second hand 2015 20' Bushtracker from some wealthy XXXXXX from the Gold Coast who does fishing shows. We had it for a couple of years and I have to say it is a really well made, well thought out bit of kit. Took it to Tassie last year, towed well behind a tricked up LC 200. We sold it last week for $10k more than we paid for it. Many enquiries, first guy to look at it bought it for the asking price. I just wanted to say thank you for a really well made product that does exactly what its designed to do and doubtless would have served us well for years. I also wanted to thank your service guys who were always on hand to help and had a very sound understanding of any issues and how to fix them.

One interesting issue I had was that the circuit breaker fitted to the Andersen plug by ARB kept tripping, no-one seemed to know what the issue was until I came across an aircraft engineer in Tassie who said "those black trips with a red reset bar are designed to trip at 80 Degrees c and your engine bay would be over that on a hot day get rid of it and fit an auto-trip one that is not temperature sensitive- that solved the problem.

Anyway thanks again for a great product

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Service standards maintained year after year

Post by Wearyabin »

Just a quick post to say thanks and express appreciation for the ongoing high standards of service when we bring in our Bushtracker for standard service and minor maintenance. The high standards are maintained year after year. At drop off you remain impressed with the friendly efficiency. The team is expecting you, offers help if needed to unhook, listens carefully and notes items you need checked, replaced or repaired. Yesterday was no exception with drop off (thanks Stuart) and pick up (thanks Sean) . My wife was with me yesterday and was again impressed with quality of the staff that Bushtracker employs. Their friendliness, maturity and dedication gives the owner great confidence. Also the fees are very reasonable. It’s obvious that if a job didn’t take long that is reflected in the amount on the bill for that item. There are numerous reasons for choosing to buy a Bushtracker. After sales care and service is certainly one of them.

Rhys T
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Service on Van

Post by ponce »

Recently Bushtracker completed a van service, new washing machine, new solar panels and a awning fabric.
I would like to thank Sean and the team at Bushtracker for the excellent work which was completed in a day and a half.
Everything Sean suggested worked perfectly and is continuing to do so.
Thank you Sean and the team, Great work.
Peter Pearce (ponce).
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