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Neil B

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 10:26 am    Post subject: satellite TV Reply with quote

Does anyone have a step by step instruction to operate my roof top satellite. i have never used it. The card has been registered.
Neil Boores
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Neil, even though your card is registered you might still have to go here,
to have it available to use.
You have to renew your VAST certificate every 6 months. Just write the next renewal date on a band aid and stick it near the Vast Box, and repeat every 6 months.

It takes about 24 hrs to become available, sometimes less, so next day turn the receiver, VAST box and the Television on, let the dish do its thing, Oh... make sure you have a clear view of the sky to the North and NE. If you are in the northern part of Au the satellites are high in the sky, if you are down south, the satellite is low to very low to the horizon, so high, dense trees concern. You will work it out with practise. If it locks onto a signal, but there is no TV picture, just leave it on, say ch7, and let it download its decoder permissions from the satellite, there is more than just TV signals encoded on the transmissions.

There is also data of satellite location, which in turn determines your actual location on the Earth, so that when you move The VAST box has an approximate last location of the satellite position in the sky - relative to you - the Satellite is in a fixed stationary orbit, it is you that moves, stored for faster signal location next start-up.

Imagine the signal broadcast is like a big cone, with the satellite at the pointy end and you are somewhere in the big end , you are hardly likely to drive out of that cone in a days drive towing a caravan, and when you set-up again next night you are at the centre of a new cone, and so on and so on.

Trees are funny things, sometimes you can get a signal through some foliage, but as soon as any breeze comes along and the leaves blow, you loose signal. Remember the leaves are thin pillows of moisture which will reflect and/or absorb/ degrade the signal.

Press the menu on the vast box remote, and select your state, and set the time zone, then go to the tuner menu page and see what channels are available and the locked signal strength, just play with the menu options, you cant really upset anything.

Out system seems to work fine at about 35% locked,sometimes in really good weather it gets up to 60-80% signal strength.

Don't put the dish up if the winds are over 20 knots, and or if there is lightening, that wouldn't be a good outcome.

Also be aware that the signal is degraded significantly if there is heavy rain, or dense storm cloud cover, especially if it is to the north of you if you are in lower latitudes. Because the signal has to travel further through the atmosphere the further south you go the weaker it becomes, and more susceptible to interference.

Because we live in Qld, we leave the VAST set on Qld time and TV, but you still get TV from all over the place. I don't think we've been anywhere that we haven't had a signal. We never bother with local terrestrial TV anymore.

Hope that helps a bit. Its just very broad brushstrokes, but a good idea of how it works. You can download the VAST box manual online from the manufacturers site, if you need, if you have internet. Cheers. hope it works for you.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Just a prior step you need to do though, is to have your whole VAST, TV etc turned ON and left ON before you go to the site (as Rosiebear has indicated) and enter your details and do you REHIT.

The system will pick up the data package automatically but it is actually better to have it all ON first prior to your doing the REHIT.

No luck, you can always ring them on their support No. as I have found them very helpful.

Best of luck.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Neil
not sure how old your set up is or what radio and vast system( Altech UEC or Sat King) is installed, but these instructions may help as well as the previous detail from Rosiebear. Good Luck.


Activation Assistance: 1300 993 376 or

To Operate OYSTER / VAST
1: Turn on Black Switch marked RADIO
2: On selector box (next to the Vast Box) push the VAST button in
3: On the Oyster control device (next to the fusion radio) push the On /
Off button to activate (START). When ready, Satellite Mode will
appear in the vision screen.

NB: The VAST box boots then automatically starts scanning at this stage.
If there is a problem change location. Press the tick, press the arrows until location appears, push the tick again then the arrows until the correct town (location) appears. Push the tick again and stored will be displayed.
4: Turn on (Fusion) Radio (Red symbol)
5: Push the circled arrow symbol on radio to bring up options. Select AUX 1 by turning the large black button then enter by pushing the large button.
6: Switch on TV (Sphere) with remote – red power button
7: Push input button on TV remote and select AV then enter. The channels
should now be available.
8: NB: Press channel 4 on the Altech UEC (vast) remote to bring up all
regional news stations across Australia. (Channel 800 is info page)
NB: If the Vast does not lock in the channels push the RESET button
(small button) on the Vast Box (Next to the Standby Switch)
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