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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 2:02 pm    Post subject: SEAL AROUND THE THETFORD MISSING??? Reply with quote

About once every other month, we get a complaint that we “Forgot” to seal the bottom of the Thetford Cassette at the floor level and water seeps out from behind it…. We did not “forget”, it is part of the design by necessity…

The truth is, the Thetford is set into a full fiberglassed enclosure so the water runs out the bottom on the slope of the shower floor… YOU CANNOT SEAL THAT at the floor, as it will NEVER seal at the back of the wall on top of the Thetford…. Look in all fairness we have tried everything we could think of, and then got the Thetford Engineers involved, and NOTHING sticks to that plastic very long… We abraded it, we used silicone, sika-flex, we heated it, we used primers, we melted it, we used Solvents to soften it, and a half dozen more things. There is nothing that will stick to it long term, even with an angle on the top to spread the area, everything only lasted a short time.

So, the design is full fiberglass, a flow on the floor, and that is the way it is. We keep having people with older vans giving obsolete advice, thinking they can redesign it better. Like someone with an older van, advising people about once every other month, to put a half inch plywood build up on the floor under the fiberglass and raise the Thetford. The problem is that water will still come out from under, because it comes in from on top and the sides. We now put more flow in the floor than in older vans 6 to11 years ago. But the answer is not solved at the floor level, it is not so much water running out from under the Thetford, as out from behind it as the walls and sides are a source. You cannot seal it at the floor level, as it will trap water, and that could be a hazard. The most you can do if it bothers you is to put a slightly more bias to the level, when you level the van, go a tad higher on that outside edge so it drains out faster. But there is no easy solution, trust me or we would have done it long ago.

Be aware, that a lot of “advice” that comes from older vans sources, is way out of date and obsolete. We now have better equipment, better engineering, and updated new ways of doing things… We are always seeking to improve the product, doing the best that we can in every way. And it is pretty clear now that we are Number One in the Off-Road part of the Industry..

Regards LR
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