All you need is a "Dirt Road" Caravan???

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 10:00 am    Post subject: All you need is a "Dirt Road" Caravan??? Reply with quote

Dispelling another myth…
There are a couple of Companies that cannot build to our level of quality, and they are forever inventing new sales angles to prey on the unsuspecting Public. Now that is a very harsh statement, and I would like to just continue to ignore them and do our own thing, as when people try and do the serious travel they soon fine out for themselves that they were duped by a Sales Gimmick… However, there is another problem in telling them they just need a “Dirt Road” van and not the full off-road capability of a Bushtracker… Telling them “Oh Bushtracker is a really nice van, but you don’t need that level of quality and where you are going you can do it with our van for $20,000 or $30,000 less” …. And: “Where you are going, you can do it with our Dirt Road Caravan just fine”…. Sometimes on those dirt highways the corrugations are so bad, they are the killer of caravans!!

What is sad: Is that in this downward economy, many end up not being able to correct their mistake when Salesmen sell the poor unsuspecting Public on these ideas for their Caravan. “Dirt Road” van? Half the highways in the Outback are dirt and gravel, and if you hit them on the tail end of the cycle before they are graded again, there can be huge corrugation problems. Or after storms and Road Trains have churned them up leaving mud bogs, or when the mud bogs dry out and turn into torturous hard ruts and holes? All of a sudden that so called “Dirt Road” van is going to pieces… It is not a perfect world out there, and the poor unsuspecting Public is often taken advantage of, victimized to make a buck…

Further, no one is telling them the Tourist spots are all overcrowded and overbooked, and the best places in Australia are not on the map. The Government does not want to have to bail out people with poor equipment broken down in there, and some of the best spots are through Stations and Crown Land, where the Locals go. About half of our Bushtracker Owners said when they started, “Oh, we are not really going that far off-road”… But when they find out how crowded and booked the Tourist tracks are, they soon find themselves exploring a bit on their own. Stock Routes, Crown Land, private Stations, there are really beautiful places in the blank spots on the maps, and that is where the Locals go as a matter of local knowledge and experience..

Friends, consider these points before you are fooled by the so called competition and their sales tactics.. We build the highest quality possible, yes; and for a very good reason.. The economy is in poor confidence mode, but in general our Owners have sold their vans at a profit over the past 15 years… To date 104 have come back for a second new Bushtracker. Over 200 have bought new Bushtrackers after first buying a second hand one. There is a very good reason for all the things that we do, and we will like to emphasise that these marketing techniques of tell you: “Where you are going you don’t really need that good of van”… THAT sales gimmick is NOT done in “Your Best Interests”, but done to capture your business flogging a lesser quality of van to you… A Rav4 is a Four Wheel Drive on paper, and the magazines will claim what ever they want to sell the advertising… But that does not make it a Landcruiser in capability, value for money, and quality of Lifestyle… That is never more true than with Bushtracker. There will always be cheaper, but there is no second place to the best…

At least before you buy, come and see the quality. Looking our style, does not make it a Bushtracker… Sometimes a Blind Man could tell the difference…
Go to the Factories, insist on seeing how they are built, you may be surprised when you see something like this horrifying example:

Not just our frames and finish and electical in conduit, but this is a good example.. When you come for a Tour of our Bushtracker Factory, the quality will be self evident.

From the two piece hub drum commercial brakes, through the suspension, our structure through to the finish like dovetailing on the wood of the drawers, we are unsurpassed in the Industry. Go see the rest, then come see the best, and do yourself a favour: Don't be fooled. Come see the best, and we do it for a reason...

Kind regards, Admin at Bushtracker....Cowboy, half a horseman, all of a Bushtracker Man...
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