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PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2012 9:27 am    Post subject: WELDED ALLOY FRAMES CRACKING DUE TO TEMPER? Reply with quote

Hi Steven,

I appreciate your quick reply and am sincerely impressed with your product. I was speaking with XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX who warned me aluminum welds are tricky and if not done correctly can lead to fatigue cracking after several years of vibration.

Apparently some aluminium alloys are more susceptible than others, so the choice of aluminium and the welding materials and technique are quite difficult to get right.

I guessed that you have probably done a lot of research on your grade of aluminium and the welding technique.

Kind regards, XXXXXX


Regarding your concerns about cracking due to welds:

In direct answer to your question, no. I don’t know what you have been told, possibly by our so called Competitors, but what makes alloy hard is the temper, high tensile temper, and the heat of the welding actually does the opposite. Welding actually softens the temper in the alloy, but you cannot weld alone, we also thru-bolt all the critical areas of structure. The welding is only there to stop the micro-movement of the joints. The thru bolts do the structural job. Come and see the top frame in the Nation, and why it is so good others try to copy our look. The truth is we are Number One in the Industry for 16 years now, and all the rest of the so called off-road vans copy our style but to a lesser degree without the same structural value. No one builds a frame like we do, where our frames connect and are through bolted, the thickness is 5mm, the top in the Industry. Our vans are so strong, we have rebuilt them after being rolled in an accident, and sometimes the damage is so slight as to almost be unnoticeable at a 10 meter distance.. There are pictures on our Forum. No one builds to our level of quality, come see for yourself at the Factory.

We have not only done the R&D, but also have the advantage of seeing how older vans have been going after 16 years and a couple of Owners.. There is no problem, we get to see the frames during a re-skin for hail jobs or accidents, even a roll over, and they stand the test of time.. Our R&D is not just done on paper, we run them across the toughest country to test things in the field… It works well..

Kind regards,
Steven Gibbs,
Director, Bushtracker


Your reply is VERY reassuring.

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