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PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 9:42 am    Post subject: SLOW DOWN, DRIVE TO TRACK CONDITIONS, NOT BREAKING THINGS Reply with quote

One of the single largest problems for People in the Outback, is judging the road conditions from inside the upgraded suspension of the tow vehicle. Sometimes the People travel at a speed that is as fast as they can go and be comfortable inside tow vehicle.... And think: Awwww, feels good, must be OK for the van... NOT TRUE..!

Now I cannot tell you to do this, as it would be ILLEGAL But if you did not know how the van was traveling on the corrugation, if one were to drive while the other sat in the van, YOU MIGHT BE IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE!!! With all the fancy air shocks and suspension upgrades on the tow vehicles, like overloaded Fords and Landcruisers and such with boats on top and air bags over the springs that can be adjusted for ride, the tow vehicles have a lot more latitude on severe corrugation than do the vans. A comfortable high speed run on the corrugation in the tow vehicle, could be beating hell right out of the van Shocked . It might just scare you right into reality to see how much THRASHING the interior and contents are taking. Some traveling at 80 kph on corrugation might find that the actual speed should be 40-50 kph

Here is a case study, our response, and a lesson to be learned in travel on back tracks that vary in conditions from smooth after a grader job, to severe corrugation and ruts after bad weather...


Hi guys

Just did the gibb river road and up to Kalumbaru!

what a great van.

we did break a few things though so was wondering if you could post to

C/- Darwin GPO
Darwin NT

I need 4 cupboard locks (the plastic broke around the screws) and a external cargo latch.

The stove has been spitting out lots of white insulation and two of the burner won't stay on but i will try to see the service centre in darwin.

thanks again.

Kind regards


Boy oh Boy, are we at crossed purposes... Ha!

We were thinking the big locking T handle for the whole door, not the silly hold the door open hook... That is why we could not figure out how you had damaged the big cargo door handle as it is recessed and they even survive roll overs...

Anyway, new door hook assembly and cabinet catches are being sent... Free of Charge... But slow down, it sounds like you may be hammering the van a little, as those cabinet catches do not normally break.... Nor do the thermostat sensors on the stove.. You might be travelling too hard, or too fast, or with too high of tyre pressure on the corrugation. Mind you these are minor breakages, but you don't want to continue to carry on or the next thing will be high pressure lines on refrigeration or air conditioning... OK? I suspect too fast or more likely too high of tyre pressure... Just fix it, for your own good..

Best Regards, Steven Gibbs, Director

85 Enterprise St
P (07) 5476 5833
F (07) 5476 9253


good to see we are now on the same wavelength!

anway as to speed i would appreciate your advice.

the tyre pressures are 26psi on all van tyres
we travel at about 40-50 kph over most corrugations as if i go slower the whole van seems to bounce in the air and i am down to less than walking speed. any faster and i don't like how we bounce over the corrugations. at around 40-max 60kph we seem to get vibrations but not extended periods.

anyway we did just do the gibb river and up to kalumbaru and mitchell falls so i felt we did pretty well. not even a blown tyre!


I cannot comment, as I am not there... I have lowered tyre pressure to 20 before.. It depends on your weight, and the corrugations, and I cannot make the judgment for you.... It was just a warning as it sounds like an indication from the breakages. You do not want it to get worse.

85 Enterprise St
P (07) 5476 5833
F (07) 5476 9253


The Gibb River Road, and the back track to Kalumbaru, and into Mitchell Falls, is about as rough of conditions as anyone wants to tackle. Until Bushtracker in the late 1990's according to the Township of Kalumbaru that actually called Bushtracker at our Offices and spoke to Peter, no caravans had made it into Kalumbaru as the track was that bad. They commented they were so impressed that two Bushtrackers had made the trek in just that week... They congratulated us on our Product.. According to them, there was a wrecked camper trailer in the middle of the last river crossing, and littered wreckages along the way.

It is a reasonable track these days after a grader has gone through, but at other times the corrugations are reported to be 300 mm wide and 300 mm deep. Shocked The worst report was 15 km per hour crawling along with diff locks engaged to get through in 4x4 in the worst conditions the Driver had ever seen.

It is the luck of the draw, on the condition of tracks. This person got through relatively unscathed, with only very small and insignificant minor breakages. But even they, are a bit of a warning, of possibly traveling too hard. You need to heed these warnings if they happen, so bigger breakages do not occur.

Never mind these tracks would destroy a normal van, even ones claiming to be 4x4 vans.... Even though these tracks even destroy camper trailers and a passage like this is commonplace for a Bushtracker; there is still a lesson to be learned in the minor breakages... They are a warning, and you need to heed it and take care...! Wink

Regards from the Ranger...
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Cowboy,

My van is a 21 footer, delivered 10 December 2008 and the hitch is an AT35. I am towing with a 2008 Silverado, the big Hayman Reece hitch with weight distribution bars.

When I'm out in the desert I have 6 x 80 litre water tanks all full, as well as the cargo space jammed full of gear, 60L of fuel for the gene, and as far as possible we are fully provisioned for a minimum of 2 months. On the Chevy there's another 8 x 20L of water, 410L fuel, quad bike & ramps, 60L fridge of frozen food, and etc. I've never been over a weighbridge, but I suspect the van is right on the limit. Have recently fitted a DO45 to be sure I'm legal.

And your Bushtracker caravans are the best Steve. No leaks of water, dust, no breakages anywhere.


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

An example of the benefits of not travelling too fast - even on sealed roads. A goat can do damage to your BT! We are travelling in our new BT from Melbourne to the Cape and then to NT and SA. A couple of weeks ago between Charlieville and Augathella a big black billy goat hit the side of our LC 200 and ended up hitting the stone deflector and driver side spare and bending both. With some bush repairs we have got to Cairns and thanks to Peter T for advice and sending a deflector mesh to us we have had repairs done to keep us going. Turns out the spare's rim ( never used ) is buckled and a right off. We have been able to replace it and had some more permanent interim repairs done to continue the trip. Fortunately no serious damage. We only travel at 80 to 90 kph tops and we could have been put off the road. A first for us over years of towing.
Neill & Jude
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