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Well, here we go with another one.

Mind you these are just outlines of the ideas. I may embellish them at a later date with Layout samples that illustrate what I am talking about. And current Owners may have some comments, that agree with or disagree with my advice can add their comments here in each Topic. You Owners are welcome to disagree, as my advice only geared for the majority in each condition. There will always be circumstances and situations and personal tastes on layout that will differ from the advice I give.. For example, the best place for the reasons I will discuss is a mid-ships galley opposite the dining area. But some people will not opt for this, because the do gourmet vegetarian buffet dining or something and want blank counter space opposite. However, for the vast majority of you, my advice will hold for the following reasons in each category...

Galley in front of van: Nice idea, we can even run the counter up into the nosecone and make a Bay Window affect out of the whole area. BUT, there is a serious drawback you could not be expected to know about. With full standing headroom up in the front of the van, you are SERIOUSLY reducing the aerodynamic rake on the Bushtracker. Now that means that you will be pushing more wind, with half the rake, and this can reduce your fuel economy and power by as much as 20%. This aerodynamic rake affect, is the part of the van above the tow vehicle, and particularly bucking a headwind this is a fairly dramatic difference that can reduce power and increase fuel economy noticeably. With all things possible, we will do it your way, but not until we make you aware of the disadvantages involved. Most people appreciate the effort, and the one in fifty that only wants to hear what they want to hear? Would be well advised to consider the coaching on something like this... Why should we care? Because we really do try and do the best by our Owners, with their own best interests in mind...

Galley in the rear of the van: The rear of the van is the point of most vibration. The front is dampened by the tow vehicle as the van skips down the track over the corrugation. The middle is even dampened by the suspension on the van. But the back, the back is the point of most vibration and the worst shaking. You barrel along maybe pushing the limits on speed and then hit a section bad corrugation shaking the daylights out of everything until you get the truck and van combination slowed down...... And the fridge/freezer in the back of the van gets pounded. The silverware in the drawers even shake so bad as to mark and chafe the liner. The oven and stove and grill get a severe shaking and you are beating things up a bit... An overloaded shelf in the fridge can break down, things like that happen with the galley at the rear of the van. Shocked Idea

So what about a split galley? Stove and fridge and counter space opposite the dining, and the sink in the back. Well, this works, but I see a couple of disadvantages. For one, pots and pans and storage is more limited as the rake destroys much of the cabinet space below. Another problem is like the above chatter of silverware and such in the drawers as you want the drawers near the sink. But: There is one inobvious thing that I don’t like about the galley split. With the sink opposite the dining mid ships, you only have to turn around to make up or break up dinner, and this is a good thing. With the sink down the back, you actually have to walk back and forth all the time. It also ruins what is a two person work area, as one person is taking up the whole are. Where if you have bare countertop and a pantry down the back, and the sink mid-ships opposite the dining: One person can be making up tea or breaking up tea, and the other can be unloading 6 bags of groceries or laundry sorting it out on that counter at the back... Otherwise the main access to the van is blocked by one person going back and forth. The other Partner coming in with bags of groceries or laundry is struggling to get by them all the time.. Just my advice, but again you can have it if you want... Wink

So, this brings us down to a Mid Ships galley. I will advocate that this is best, with a counter and pantry at the rear of the van for most, or bunks there, but anyway mid-shops opposite the dining works for maybe 75- 80% of our Bushtracker vans. The drawers, fridge, and stove fair better in the rough travel in the center. It is only a turn around to make up or break up a meal. But mostly the goods fair best in the shocking corrugation mid-ships over the suspension..... Wink

Kind Regards, from I hope, a helpful......
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